Ask yourself three questions



Was your site built with quality in mind?


Do you have fast web page load times?


Is it attractive to customers or prospects?

Let's be honest... In todays world, a website is a reflection of your brand. A good website yields a positive reaction. The viewers buy more, stay longer, and feel better in general about what you are offering.

On the other hand, an ugly website that offers a bad experience coupled with slow loading times always conveys a negative message. Don't let your customers self qualify and leave. In general, a bad experience gives the impression that you simply do not care about them.

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, it's probably time to consider a redesign.

Quick Tips for a Successful Website


· Your website should work and function properly on a phone, tablet, and desktop

· Track all website data with Analytics and link to social media accounts

· Toss your design into an appropriate lean and mean CMS for easy updates.


· A small but well built website should load in under 3 seconds

· Load speed of site is one of the key factors in viewers staying or leaving a site

· Eliminate data entry errors by scanning barcodes to reorder and cycle count inventory


· Conveying the right message is crucial for a viewers participation on your website

· How does it look on a phone, tablet, or desktop? Quality sites will flow well on any device